public class SubDataSet

A subdataset is part of a DataSet and describes the concrete analyzable file which is accessible by a given access way.



private String accessWay

The access way of this subdataset. Describes how the user will be able to work with the data set. Must not be empty and be one of AccessWays but not AccessWays.NOT_ACCESSIBLE.


private I18nString citationHint

A hint telling how to cite this subdataset in publications. Must not contain more than 2048 characters.


private I18nString description

A description for this subdataset. It must be specified in at least one language and it must not contain more than 512 characters.


private String name

The filename of the subdataset without extension. Must not be empty and must not contain more than 32 characters.


private Integer numberOfObservations

The number of rows (observations or episodes) which are present in this subdataset. Must not be empty.