public class DataAcquisitionProject extends AbstractRdcDomainObject

The data acquisition project collects the metadata for the data products which are published by our RDC. One project can contain one Study, many Surveys, many Instruments and Questions, and many DataSets and Variables. A project can be currently released (visible to public users) or not. When a publisher releases a project and its version is greater than or equal to 1.0.0 then the metadata is published to da|ra.



private Boolean hasBeenReleasedBefore

Flag indicating whether this project has ever been released in its life. It is used to ensure that project cannot be deleted once they have been released.


private String id

The id of this project. Must not be empty and must only contain lower cased (english) letters and numbers. Must not contain more than 32 characters.


private Release release

A valid Release object. Null if the project is currently not released. The version of a Release must be a syntactically correct according to semver (major.minor.patch) and must not be decreased.