public class Survey extends AbstractShadowableRdcDomainObject

A survey is conducted to examine a population on the basis of a sample. The resulting DataSets can be used to make statements about the population.



private I18nString annotations

Arbitrary additional text for this survey. Must not contain more than 2048 characters.


private String dataAcquisitionProjectId

The id of the DataAcquisitionProject to which this survey belongs. The dataAcquisitionProjectId must not be empty.


private I18nString dataType

The type of data which the survey produced. Must be one of DataTypes and must not be empty.


private Period fieldPeriod

The period during which the survey has been conducted or is expected to be conducted. Must not be empty.


private Integer grossSampleSize

The gross sample size represents the number of participants which have been invited to take part in the Survey. Must not be negative.


private String id

The id of the survey which uniquely identifies the survey in this application.


private String masterId

The master id of the survey. It must not be empty, must be of the form sur-{{dataAcquisitionProjectId}}-sy{{number}}$ and must not contain more than 512 characters.


private Integer number

The number of the instrument. Must not be empty and must be unique within the DataAcquisitionProject.


private Population population

Details about the Population. Must not be empty.


private Double responseRate

The response rate is the quotient of the gross sample size and the sample size. Must be between 0 and 100.


private I18nString sample

The sampling method is the procedure for selecting sample members from a population. It must match the controlled vocabulary specified by VFDB.

See also: Catalog: GNERD: Sampling Procedure Educational Research (Version 1.0)


private Integer sampleSize

The sample size is the number of participant which took part in the survey. Must not be empty and must not be negative.


private String studyId

The id of the Study to which this survey belongs. Must not be empty.


private I18nString surveyMethod

The survey method briefly describes how the data were collected. It must be specified in German and English and it must not contain more than 2048 characters.


private I18nString title

The title of the instrument. It must be specified in German and English and it must not contain more than 2048 characters.


private Integer wave

Number of the wave which this Survey represents. Will be ignored if the Study is not organized in waves. Must not be empty and must be greater than or equal to 1.